VR The New Way to Visit Exotic Places?

It is an undeniable fact that google has played a major part in changing the navigation practice around the globe. Google maps is one app that you cannot afford to not have in your smartphone, especially while visiting a new city. With massive amount of precise data that reflects the routes, google is the undisputed king of navigation. Is VR the new way to visit exotic places around the globe?

In 2007, another amazing technology named Google Street View featured in google maps and google earth. Street View used on the panoramic imagery to create a catalog of street imagery, compile it and give a sense of virtual tour to the user.


Speaking of virtual reality, it has been the buzz world in IT world for quite some time now. With players like Sony, Facebook and google coming forward, it is evident that everybody wants a piece of the cake. We have already witnessed VR leaving a mark in the gaming industry and defense. I believe, navigation and mapping can benefit a great deal using VR technology. GIS capabilities in terms of virtual tours, can increase 10 folds. Just imagine visiting the streets of Paris, by wearing a headset and walking around your nearby park.

Google Street View is now equipped with VR Mode and you can literally visit any street just wearing your cheap or expensive VR headset. The x factor of the VR mode is ‘head-tracking’, which shows you panoramic images rendering to the direction one is looking at.

This is a fun and exciting way for wanderlusts to visit beautiful places without spending much cash.

Image Courtesy: Digital Trends

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2 years 11 months ago

Good,VR is the one of the immerzing topic in today’s time,many research are going on it by viewing through space (Application of Remote Sensing)

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