Use of GIS in Hoarding Management

Hoardings are officially approved mode of advertisement to the business community and a mode of earning for the civic body by using the visible space able to offer viewership to the masses surrounding and traversing it. They can be interpreted as a method for pure income for the municipality offices as the input is certainly on the lower side.


The challenges faced by the Municipal body are not large but a bit stubborn and hard to pick in nature. The problems could be booked up as following:

  • Place of illegal billboards.
  • Management of approved billboards.
  • Time stamp management.
  • Size and dimension check on approved billboards.
  • Identification of fresh slots for establishment of new billboards.

The hardships faced by the civic bodies due to the very fact that the monitoring for the present establishments are always hard to keep. The tracking of each and every site in the complete municipal area is often an over-indulging and tedious work. It also involves a lot of human labor in its crude format to visit each site, look for its shape and size, measure every parameter associated with its dimension and finally notify the customer and the civic body about any discrepancy.

The problems have simply escalated due the fact that any city/town we see is completely filled with all kinds of business shops and each and every one of them wants to draw the maximum number of customers to themselves. And, sometimes they overdo the advertisement part and indulge themselves illegal acquisition of space for advertisement.


We proposed to use of GIS technology in tandem with Survey methods for finding the total number of hoarding covering the skies of the particular municipal area. GIS is the science that takes location as its prime constraints. Every data could be used by GIS along with the spatial or the space constraint and can be used to devise a new relationship among and between the data. Once the GIS database is available for hoardings in the city, then the decision making process of identifying the illegal hoardings, revenue generation, new places for approved hoarding etc will become easy.

Key solution points include the following:

  • Hording Information: This will cover the aspect related to Hoarding like
    • Location of Approved Hoardings
    • Size of billboard.
    • Space available.
    • Type of billboard (print/ digital)
    • Locality of the establishment
  • Vendor Registration and Management
  • Revenue calculator.

Some of the municipalities have taken a lead in this direction and already using GIS technology for effective monitoring of Hoardings and intern increasing the revenue. One of the published example is Bhubneshwar Municipal Corporation.

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