Technology for simplification of elections


In India Election Commission of India, conducts elections to parliament (Loksabha) and stateballot-box-200 legislature. the citizens who are enrolled and registered in particular constituencies and held all legally required proofs are entitled to vote in same constituency where he/she has registered. In Loksabha election held in 2014 overall turnout of polling was around 66.38%. while in 2009 Loksabha election 58.19%. The 2014 election polling percentage was highest of all  elections(Loksabha) elections in India. There is wider scope to improve this ratio this article discusses some technological solutions which can improve and make election process simpler.


1) One important fact that many people migrate from one state to another or from place of birth to another city in same state or another state. As per census 2001,about 307 million persons have been reported as migration by place of birth. Out of them about 259 million (84.2%) migrated from one part of state to another. Lack of documents to support identity and address proofs which is required for electoral voter identity card and complexities involved results in unwillingness to transfer name from registered constituency to current place or to be register as voter.

2) In current election rules citizens have to vote in there respective poll stations. Many a times electoral finds it is difficult to search for there poll stations and such complexities results in unwillingness and further low participation in voting.

3) Due to economical,educational,personal reasons many persons finds it difficult to go there respective poll station. For example, I live in pune and my name is included in Vadgaon sheri constituent assembly list. For some educational or any other reason I shifted temporarily to Delhi, then just for the sake of voting I couldn’t afford it.

4) Many government staff is engaged in conducting election, there postal vote counted rarely and staff also postal vote rarely.

5) There are some newspaper reports about bogus voting. On the name of died or migrated person another person votes or such cases.

So from above area technology can reduce bogus voting and increase voter participation.


Unique Identification Authority Of India(UIDAI) its objective is to collect bio-metric data of resident, stored them in centralized database and issue a 12 digit unique identity number called AADHAR to each resident. Recently election commission started linking AADHAR number with Voter id to eliminate bogus voter id. This can further be useful in “e-vote” in following ways.(refer figure 1)

Instead of current voter machines a desktop machines with internet facilities can be used. Any person without any need of card(no need of voter card too) with just bio-metric system for recognizing fingerprints or eyesight and with centralized data base can link and verified. Also there is no need of going into particular place for vote. For example,I live in Vadgaon sheri and registered at Vadgaon sheri, but at time of election I am in Delhi so I just go into any center of Delhi and without any need of card just with bio-metric identity I can vote. And no person can vote twice as software will mark voted as on bio-metric identity there will be no chance of bogus voting.


  1. Simple to use.
  2. CARDLESS system.
  3. Aaadhar enabled i.e. UIDAI has created database.
  4. No chance of bogus voting.
  5. Any person can vote from any place with their respective registered constituency.
  6. It will reduce cost of conducting election with such large manpower.

Please feel to comment on  this.

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2 years 7 months ago

Very Good Idea, Ashutosh! I see challenges of implementing computer based system for elections due to cost factor.

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