Surgical Attack by Indian Army: Supported by CARTOSAT Imagery

Recent Surgical Strike by Indian Army across LOC (Line of Control) has been a great success of Indian Armed Forces. This Surgical Strike is one of those planned strikes which require deep understanding of terrain, topography (Heights) and local environments around possible sites of action. There could be various sources like Satellite Data, Aerial Photography, Drones/UAV’s, through which we can get the terrain information without physically visiting the place.

For continuous data receipt, satellite seems to be a better option as it continuously takes the data (with a repeat frequency of around 2-3 days which can be controlled as well ) without much of hassle unlike other options of data collections like Aerial photography/Drone/UAV.


Indigenous satellite data CARTOSAT is capable of delivering the Stereo Data (Which has overlap of more than 60%) of around 1m resolution which is good enough for micro analysis. Actual field simulation of stereo data can be achieved in high end computers to create a virtual terrain using the processing tools like Imagine Photogrammetry.

Stereo Satellite Use and Advantage

One of the biggest advantage which we get from processed stereo satellite data is the information of height (Topography) which other-wise not possible from Mono image. Knowing the height/depth information helps effective decision making in war like scenario.

Stereo satellite has a huge potential to be used in other sectors as well like Urban Planning (Smart City), Environmental Monitoring, Natural Resources, Mining etc. Perceived initial cost and processing time is the biggest road block which comes in way of effective utilisation of Stereo Satellite data, but actually its far cheaper then actually going to ground for field survey.

Feel feel free to participate in this discussion and in-case you want to know more about how to process stereo data and how to use it feel free to reach out to us.

Ref: Times of India: Dated 30th Sept’2016

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Dr. Vandana Sharma
Dr. Vandana Sharma
2 years 11 months ago

Nice blog. As per the news, operation also deployed Drone technology. . A perfect example how use of mutiple spatial technologies may provide a complete solution for trivial situations..

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