Why Study GIS – Career Options and Future Opportunities

Many industries are widely using Geo Spatial technology and students are also showing their interest in GIS. Using GIS you can analyze, visualize and can render geographic data for variant purposes.

GIS (Geographic Information Science) is the science used for representing the earth digitally to find trends and forecasting about geography, the future and past. GIS professionals utilize their accomplishments to find the scale, size and colors used for creating maps and also responsible in ensuring the accuracy of completed goods and products.


The vast number of GIS professionals work in office and use mapping equipment and computers, some professionals work outside to gather information regarding.

A GIS career is for?

If you love maps and want to work outdoor on making the difference in environment, who are willing to contribute to their local communities, who is curious about the surroundings (investigating about the scenarios like possible outcomes, asking questions, making scenarios, model), who like to make sense of the data and mostly who loves geographical conditions and maps.

Here are the career options on GIS

  • GIS Analyst

At least 2-3 years’ experience on GIS based software is required to be a GIS analyst like python, SQL etc. as you will perform complex RDBMS analysis. Project management and supervisory responsibilities are common responsibilities for analyst supervising technicians and interns. Analyst with growing knowledge on open source GIS has a vast growing demand.

  • GIS Developer

High programing skills on related to RDBMS, python, Java script, SQL, ASP, HTML are crucial for being a developer. More GIS packages are being altered to meet current requirements. Moreover the present trend in GIS is application and customization. So it is required for one to have strong programing knowledge to be a developer.

  • Remote Sensing Expert

They support scientists by conducting and designing remote sensing data gathering efforts. They find out the best techniques, spectral brand, and equipment and for a particular mission the time of the day.

  • GIS Technician

They must have good attention in detail to enter and maintain data in GIS database. Also they need good communication and writing skills to create and present data reports and have to train others on how to use GIS technology.

Why it is the right time?

GIS has now grown as an engine with different applications. Geospatial power has been handed over to the entire organizations. In recent times GIS was adapted massively by various and variety of industries keeping the potential of growth in higher positions making it the career choice that’s compelling. If you want a career in GIS industry then you can be beneficial for longer run if you are a student looking for advancing careers in GIS.

Want to know more? Just let us know by commenting below. We will surely clarify all your doubts.

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2 years 8 months ago

Informative post thanks.

2 years 8 months ago

Thanks Arjun for reading! Please feel free to reach out to us any guidance required in GIS domain.

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