Solar Energy Revolution Round the Globe: Solar Impulse

It has been debated over a long period of time about the need to alternate energy resources with Solar Energy. With various technologies converging together, solar energy revolution is bound to enthrall and bring energy revolution round the globe. Science and Technology has seen major innovations over time in this sector with many hits and misses as well.

Clean Energy Impulse up in the sky!

Yes, you read that right. Solar energy’s most magnificent and promising feat is the Solar Impulse. It is a revolutionary solar powered Swiss aircraft which was designed to be airborne for 36 hours! Mind you this no. is for the first prototype! The team led by business man André Borschberg and Swiss psychiatrist and aeronautic Bertrand Piccard has already advanced to the second version – Solar Impulse 2 that carries more solar cells and more powerful motors, among other improvements. It is bigger, better and faster than the already amazing first version.

Round the world Airborne on Solar Energy!

5 days 5 nights all the way from Japan to Hawaii only on Clean Solar Power! This is a major feat that shows the capability of this marvelous innovation in Aircraft Industry. Bertrand Piccard’s vision of clean energy and low emission was the key behind this adventure. It led up to the attempt of the First Round-The-World Solar Flights, with in July 2015 André Borschberg’s 5-day 5-night record-breaking flight from Nagoya(Japan) to Hawaii(USA) using only the power of the sun.

It is a commendable feat of modern time where energy resources are depleting day by day. With more advancement and rapid technological improvement, the solar impulse can prove to be the blueprint of solar commercial aircraft industry.

Solar Impulse

Story of Solar Impulse 2 on the Map

Well many of you might find it helpful to be able to see the route, even the details of components of this amazing flying hope of solar technology with interactive videos, images and legends.

3-D Model of the aircraft!

The 3D model of the actual aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has been shown in a very sophisticated and elegant manner that does not overwhelm the reader with complex clunks of information over static imagery.

Complete journey in 8 legs

Each leg of the historic journey of Solar Impulse 2 has been detailed with accurate vital information including start date, origin, time elapsed, average speed, pilot and destination, etc, on the map. This gives an actual feel of the route and trajectory of the airplane.

This story map gives in-detail characteristics and dynamics of the airplane along with its full route description in 8 legs all the way from Nagoya to Hawaii. The images taken through-out the route, at each leg, show the stature of this amazing feat.

Read about this amazing achievement on the Story Map Here!

More on Solar Impulse –

Image Courtesy:

Story Map Author: Abhishek Sindal


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