Smart City!

What the idea actually means-

A smart city is a technical city with almost everything connected through digital network. Imagine a city capable of being  self-dependent in terms of food, manufacturing, medical facilities and all the services required for surviving and importing the rest; and above all providing a Eco-friendly continuation of life rather than just surviving in  the  coming decades  which will not be a healthy environment considering current situation of living.


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Features of a smart city-

  1. Providing a sustaining developing life care to every individual residing in the city
  2. Producing enough food for everyone and export the surplus
  3. Adjusting and giving space for further development. Nothing built should be permanent as it can be a barrier to developments and new technologies.
  4. Technology is something that forms the heart of the city. It is not just to be developed but also to be applied in every field.
  5. Being Eco-Friendly is one of the most important feature as the city is supposed to increase the life grade of human and any decrement in graph of being eco-friendly will defy that feature in the long run, speaking in decades or even centuries.

The list can go on.

What a smart city requires to sustain?

 1) A smart individual-a smart model

Today scenarios make a person professionally capable in one field. A smart model that I propose is Training an individual for a primary skill and secondary as well. Primary Skills are the main criterion where an individual works but the secondary skill are the tertiary services required to run the city. For example- A person who has Software Engineer as Primary skill can have electrician as Secondly Skill and cater the need of city as an electrician. The person can work for say four hours for primary and two hours or so for secondary which comprises his six hours job. Which brings to the point that a city must have enough individuals to contribute to development of city as the hours of an individual that are given to primary are less  that are four hours and as secondary caters only services. But not so many individuals that may cause problems of underemployment and overpopulation.

The advantage of the model is there is no person that is supposed to have electrician as primary skill or any job that doesn’t really provides a good life henceforth uplifting the life quality automatically.

2. Core-Smart center of the city

Core is a big infrastructure in the center of the city, the brain if so. It has big servers required to store data, be it of each individual, place, law or anything that is required. It co-ordinates the happenings in the city. It comprises largely of data work and computer related works.

3. Digital money-Smart money

There should no longer be any hard cash money concept. The whole concept of currency is to erase the barter system that caused irregularities in exchanges. Digital Money is the next step in this case of eradicating any further problems. Each individual should be provided a card which has his digital money, just swipe and pay. The transaction data is stored in the core. But of course this raises the issue of cyber security which must be taken care of properly. Companies like NEC can be helpful in that.

4. Efficient Transport system

A fuel efficient Transport system catering public need and limiting the usage of private Transport system. Technology has a big role to play in this field. A smart city must have sea connection as it is cheap and gives a lot of access to ocean comprising fishing, import export options. Maybe an artificial river

5. Health

A big aspect of smart city model is providing advance medical care to individuals so no disease be chronic and limit the productivity of an individual. And vaccination against as many disease as possible should be done in early age.

6. Infrastructure

 A smart city should have a smart look. High Skyscrapers or research centers with beautiful designs with high gardens making it no less than wonders of the world should be constructed. Everything should be made in such a way that if it found hindering development at any point in future, it can be demolished or modified. Henceforth keeping the meaning of continuous development intact.


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7. Safety

The city should be designed to be safe against natural threats such as Tsunami, earthquakes and storm. It should have services of monitoring such threats and taking required precautionary actions for them for example raising the high walls that can be constructed for tsunami. Safety against crimes which should minimal on its own considering smart individual model, should be there too with flexible laws and an efficient judiciary system with no jail system. Rather peaceful rehabilitation centers should be there as convicted should have environment to reflect upon his crime.

8. Education system

A school should give a student exposure to every aspect of life and unnecessary bookish things should not be compulsory but optional. Practical knowledge should be given priority. Cultural activity should be a part of their life too as it gives management skills to manage time. Higher studies should be intensive and not compulsory of specific years but of objective knowledge and experiments. If the candidate is considered to be accomplished of required knowledge be it in months or years, he passed the course.

One can only hope that the idea can be made true and his children will be living in the city. But it must be built on Palm Island as making a city with already a blueprint is easier than shaping an existing city to a smart city.


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