RedZone steers you away from crime!

I talked about what Geofencing actually is and how it is used as targeted marketing technique in my previous article here. It is apparent that geofencing capabilities are not bound to this domain only. Real time reporting is a niche domain that can make use of the power of geofencing. RedZone Map, Developed by Zone Technologies Inc. does exactly the same.


RedZone is a real time crime reporting navigation app that literally steers its user away from possible crime locations. Available right now only in the US and Israel, It is a very innovative application that not only shows you the exact location of crimes such as  theft, robbery, shooting, murder, vandalism, but also reroutes your navigation path from one point to another.

Where does the data come from?

The source of data for RedZone is government agencies (local police, guards) and app users. Users can put a location pointer on the location of a crime, crime pin, with its description. Then, it marks a geographic boundary and geofences it according to these pointers. Now, it gives you an alert when you enter a redzoned area and thus reroutes you, avoiding the redzone area.

But, if you are adventurous, then you can go to the redzoned area. You can find out what’s happening in the neighborhood and report it, either on RedZone itself or anywhere else. There are many other reporting apps available on the market, but it is probably the only one that fuses navigation as well as crime reporting into one, using geofencing. Geofencing proves to be a major catalyst in the success of this application. With the help of real time user and government data, geofencing is dynamic because of the location pointers. No one can create or geofence a redzone manually.

Possible complications.

While this is a great start and an innovative application, but it may prove to be a bit of a worry for various business stores that may get trapped in the redzone and thus be avoided by a user. For example, you are driving and you wish to go to Walmart but it happens to be in a redzone area, then you might avoid visiting there. Killing the business of the stores in that area, doing so.

  • Accuracy 

The accuracy of data needs to be bullet proof, otherwise it will be a complete mess. Obsolete data or crime pointers may show wrong results in real time. For say, obsolete data may tend to show a non vulnerable area as a redzone.

Beginning of Geofencing apps?

RedZone Map, is currently available in the US and Israel for now, but it brings geofencing right in the spotlight. It would be interesting to see what other applications come up in the near future. So, Stay tuned for more.

Image Courtesy: RedZone Map, By Zone Technologies Inc.

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