IoT- Raspberry Pi and Home Automation

In my previous article (Read Here) I talked briefly about Internet of Things (IoT), its history, presence and some examples. I talked about some innovative products that are being developed by tech giants like Philips, wearables like smart watches incorporated with sensors being developed by Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola etc. But there is a device which is of worthy mention in the field of IoT and does not intimidate as the heavyweights mentioned above – Raspberry Pi. First of all

What is Raspberry Pi ?

iStock_000031220858_FullRaspberry Pi is a small but a very powerful Linux based computer that was initially created to encourage computer science education in schools in developing nations, developed by the Raspberry PI foundation. It rocks an ARM processor underneath (the one in your smartphone) that is capable of many tasks that a full-fledged PC can do (word processing, high-definition media playback, or simply surfing the internet.) So basically, just connect a display and other peripherals, you’re ready with a fully functional computer which costs – wait for it- less that $40! Yes you read that right. The main USP of this device, apart from the price and simplicity of the board is its easy access to the processor’s GPIO (General-Purpose Input/Output). Due to which , you can add hardware such as sensors, trackers, etc.

This allowed many hobbyists and computer enthusiasts, to attach and control its hardware interaction and behavior, add new hardware and program it via software code (python). Here comes IoT in the picture. As I talked earlier about smart-homes, Raspberry Pi paved way for endless possibilities and applications in the domain. Some being totally bizarre and silly some actually making a lot of sense. Element 14 community hosting most of them. This device is capable of FULL HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM.


Let me point some of these applications for you.

  • Facial Recognition Door Security

Developed using Windows 10 IoT and Raspberry Pi. Yes Windows has also arrived to the scene. Surprise!


Visit Here! Amazing Do-it-Yourself IoT solution that works on the logic of When-Then. For ex. When in outside the room- turn of the lights! Using raspberry – pi and their SmartLiving Maker.

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Just add a couple of sensors to the Pi, program it and let it hang wherever you want to monitor. Set up and alarm notifying you when the digits reach to a custom alarming limit.

  • Light Intensity monitor

Again Windows 10 IoT. Monitor the rooms light and output data to web API.

Explore More Here


Image Courtesy: Microsoft

  • Go through windows 10 IoT projects here.
  • Go through Element 14 projects here.


So, this was just a tease of the amount of applications this device is capable of successfully implementing, in the world of IoT.

In conclusion, this device is a boon for not only enthusiast but for big giant companies also to produce products that are interactive and functional in terms of IoT implementation. I haven’t even started with the location analytics integration with the pi device. That I’ll cover in the coming posts alongside more detailed Raspberry Pi Projects adding to the dimensions of IoT.

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3 years 16 days ago

Hey Pushpak,
IoT is future for our developing nation. Through this we all cannot only change the market or business but our living standard also changes or we can say improves.
Thanks for share such innovative idea with us.

3 years 16 days ago

Quite Interesting and Knowledgeable Article ..
Thanks Puspak for sharing this post.

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