Need for downloadable administrative boundary

How many of you think that we in India or for that matter any other country (with similar economic stature) has opened up its geospatial data for data enthusiasts/analysts.
Leave alone specific data set, what about simple administrative boundaries?

– Do you have access to an updated administrative boundary either as a web service or a shapefile.

– Do you have access to the boundary of the smallest administrative unit in your country?

– If yes, How did you manage to get it? If no, do you even have slightest idea of where you can get the same?

If you as a scholar/scientist/analyst/reporter have at any point of time had to face any one of the above issue, please share your comments.boundary

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Sachin Agrawal
2 years 9 months ago
Thanks Anoop for raising this fundamental issue where as a citizen we don’t have access to the boundary of our own country. Survey of India publish it but the scale runs in Millions which become irrelevant when we are working at block or Village level. Recent draft Geo-Spatial bills refers to the imposing of penalty for wrongly depicting the boundary of India, but point is, what is source from where we can download it? Debate can go on I believe Govt of India, should publish the boundaries at scale of 1:10K or better so that GIS researcher and scientist or… Read more »
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