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In the 21st century, a whole new technology was introduced in the world known as mobile computing. Mobile computing is an emerging technology that allows users to access information and services electronically, regardless of their geographic position. Till date we have made quite many advancements in mobile computing. Right from being a device used only for calling, it has evolved as a superfast portable computer. As the technology is developing quite fast, our way of thinking has broadened in the way it can be advanced more. The future mobile phones are even beyond our imagination. Those will be equipped with such kind of features of which we can’t think of at this time. Saint Kabir said “Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab.” Meaning do the work now that you have left for tomorrow, so here I am with a brief description on future of technology.

Upcoming mobiles might come with an in-built parachute system for safeguarding it from a huge downfall. Soon there will be phones with bendable surfaces. There are mobiles coming up with wireless charging, i.e., you won’t have to plug the charger in to your mobile’s jack. While Swype has reduced the stress of using a virtual keyboard, still its no substitute to the old fashioned real keyboards. So in the coming years, the mobiles would be equipped with a laser virtual keyboard. Holographic display is another input in mobiles that would generate a screen a few inches above the phone to watch a video or a film. There are even few companies working on the transparency of mobile phones.

The in-built parachute system would prevent any damage to the device from a great downfall by giving it a safe landing on the surface, recently a phone case has been launched which is acts in the same manner. All it is equipped with is two powerful fans that get activated when they acquire quite a velocity or sense a surface 1m away and safe the phone from possible damages. As far as flexible screens are concerned, they would allow the user to fold mobile with a large screen according to his/her convenience. The wireless charging will help the user to save time and to be safeguarded from its blast, as, recently there have been many cases about the mobile catching fire while the user was using it to talk as it was getting charged. Added to it we won’t have to fear about the wires getting damaged while being used and to change it off and on.  Moreover the laser virtual keyboard would be lot more convenient as the user wouldn’t have to lug stupid Bluetooth accessories which he would use only once in a while. This kind of laser projection will also be able to act as OmniTouch, i.e. a projection system enabling multitouch interfaces on everyday surfaces. Holographic displays will help the user to get a clear larger display while at the same time keep his/her in tact. Transparent interface of mobiles will help the user to see where he/she is walking while using it, so that the user doesn’t stumble and get severely hurt.

Advancements in mobile tech will help to build smarter cities. For instance, if there is any fault or a bug in a device, the feedback report of that problem will be generated automatically and send it directly to the developer which would help him to rectify the faults in the upcoming models and also in that device itself. The electrical devices of the house can now be connected to the mobile phone through an app and an additional device which will then act as a switch for those devices and you can even time the lights ,fans,etc. as to when they should be switched on or off, this a step forward towards smart cities.  Moreover, another connection of mobile tech is with the internet of things (IoT) which is actually internetworking of devices with each other that helps them to exchange data wirelessly or via wire without any external device or server. The mobiles can be used to store that wirelessly transferred data and keep a record of the data.

The coming up mobiles will soon enable us to tele-transport us from one place to another helping us to save time and money. The advancements in mobile tech is beyond anyone’s imagination at the moment.

Reference from: www.computerworld.com



Image courtsey: en.wikipedia.org




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