How MeghRaj can help hosting GIS applications?

MeghRaj the initiative taken by the national government of India to adapt the cloud computing for all the G2C models can prove to be a blessing in disguise for all the GIS applications which are currently facing issues related to Infrastructure, Storage, bandwidth etc.

What is MeghRaj?

Meghraj is the name given to the initiative of Government of India for its new program which is going to take advantage of the Cloud Computing. Meghraj is just a name coined for the purpose (Megh=Cloud, Raj=Rule i.e. Rule of Cloud Computing). Another name for Meghraj is the GI Cloud Initiative.

This initiative is to implement various components including governance mechanism to ensure proliferation of Cloud in the government. The focus of this initiative is to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country while optimizing ICT spending of the Government.

How MeghRaj could help GIS Applications?

Most of the GIS applications available today face the same issues of infrastructure, Storage, Bandwidth etc. and MeghRaj can definitely emerge as a single point of solution for all such issues.

Lets first have look at a number of challenges faced by various GIS applications.

  1. Storage space
  2. Memory
  3. Load Balancing
  4. Bandwidth

These above listed challenges are commonly faced today by most of the GIS applications and Meghraj could help solving these issues by a variety of services provided by it.

Here are few services provided by the MeghRaj.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) :

IaaS provides you basic virtual compute infrastructure resources like CPU, Memory, Disk Storage attached to blank VMs with allowing you to install OS, using ISOs, from scratch and customization. However you have to use your own licenses for OS and Application software (if any).

  • Platform as a Services (PaaS) :

PaaS provides pre-installed web and database servers so that you can publish and run web application without worrying about server setup. The servers are pre configured ready with basic security hardening. Use PaaS service to quickly deploy servers and publish your web applications. The OS & Application Software licenses are provided by us as part of offering.

  • Software as a Services (SaaS) :

This provides on demand software service. SaaS is a software delivery model where users are not responsible for supporting the application or any of the components. The server infrastructure, OS and software is being managed by cloud services. If you are having web application and want to distribute it to users, use our Cloud Service to deliver through Software as a Service.

  • Storage as a Service (STaaS) :

STaaS provides need based storage solution . It provides excellent alternative to the traditional on-site and dedicated storage systems. It also reduces the complexities of deploying and managing multiple storage tiers. You can use it to mitigate risks in disaster recovery, provide long-term retention for records and enhance both continuity and availability.

  • Hosting Environments :

Cloud Services provides 3 different types of environment for creating virtual machines i.e. Production, Staging and Development so that you keep your VM segregated and manage them properly based on the business need for both PaaS as well as IaaS service model.

Along with the above described services MeghRaj also provides Server Vulnerability Assessment, Server Anti-Virus, Server Backup and Network/Application Firewall. This can no doubt take care of most of the remaining issues faced by the GIS applications.


In the end I would like to conclude this article by mentioning that the initiative taken to adapt cloud computing and launching MeghRaj as a National Cloud could prove to be a very big  success for Government of India and for all GIS users.


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