How MapInfo Pro transforms GIS into Location Analytics?

Location analytics is the most sophisticated form of using geospatial information. Location analytics is the technique to get information from business data using its geographic component. Most of the business data has location or geographic component attached to it. For example – any school, college, hospital, healthcare, construction site or name anything, it has a specific location. Using location analytics user can fetch all the information about that object or component from its location using maps.

Pitney Bowes and Location Analytics

Pitney Bowes is a premier company for research and provides customers desktop GIS and cloud based solutions through geospatial data analytics to increase productivity of their businesses. For Location Analytics solutions Pitney Bowes has developed a popular tool MapInfo Pro – Desktop GIS.

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Insights of MapInfo Pro

MapInfo is a powerful tool which combines non geospatial data, analytics information and the base maps to create an efficient insight of visual data. The interface of this tool is quite simple and user friendly. Updating themes and layers is fluid and the system compatible with the existing IT systems and software.

Detailed Insights Here

Key features of MapInfo are:

  • Easy to use intuitive and interacting interface with ribbon-based navigation system.
  • Thematic maps can be created easily.
  • Easily customization solution with MapBasic.
  • Easily integrates with common software file systems (Excel, Access, DBF, CSV and delimited ASCII text), databases(Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostGIS, SQLite, ODBC Compliant databases), spatial data(AutoCAD, SHP, DGN, GML, KML, OGC GeoPackage) and maps/imagery(WMTS, WMS and WFS, Aerial Images, Satellite Images, Scanned Paper Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps)
  • Vast selection of editing tools to edit tabular and spatial data
  • Visualization of data using simple and flexible wizards which use raster datasets, overlay geometric shapes, values of advanced statistical math and calculations
  • Powerful grid calculations using Grid Calculator tool
  • Easy results sharing using legend, charts and graphs wizard
  • Location Intelligence Suit for a comprehensive integrated GIS offerings

Users and customers of MapInfo Pro ranges from largest pizza chain retail to biggest car manufacturing unit which gets benefited by the Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro system. Using location analytics, MapInfo Pro optimizes the location data, creates detailed map of a large, remote geographic location or draws the exact insights of social demographics to satisfy its varied customers’ requirements.

Location Analytics is the future of advanced GIS systems which enables users to view advance maps with location based geospatial data, rich geo centric view of business data, perform analysis which is visual and map driven, communication and collaboration using live data maps, dynamic and interactive maps across systems.

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