ISRO all set to launch Fourth Cartosat-2 Series satellite by the end of June

After successful launch of the nations’ heaviest ever satellite GSLV-MK III using cryogenic technology, ISRO is preparing to launch a Cartosat-2 series satellite into the space by the end of June this year. The 550 kg satellite, the fourth of the Cartosat-2 Series satellites will be launched by the PSLV-C38 rocket. It will be called “Eye in the Sky” because of its surveillance capabilities into the 505-km polar sun synchronous orbit.

The Cartosat-2 series satellite is an advanced remote sensing satellite capable of providing scene-specific spot imagery. It carries a state-of-the-art panchromatic (PAN) camera that takes black and white pictures of the earth in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The swath covered by this high resolution PAN camera is 9.6 km and their spatial resolution is less than 1 meter. Unlike the previous Cartosat-2 satellites which had a resolution of 0.8 meter, this satellite would have a resolution of 0.6 meter (which means one can even precisely locate a small car from the satellite images). The images of the same series satellite were used in the surgical strikes of 2016.

With this “Eye in the Sky”, India would be way ahead in space missions that are carried out across the globe. Also it would stand as a boon to various sectors especially the defense sector for countering terrorism and infiltration across the Line of Control.

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