An Idea for Intelligent Traffic Management


Since traffic is growing,  population is also growing simultaneously, more people bring more vehicles and more vehicles will bring more traffic and chaos. What can be the solution for that. Well we can’t limit  people from buying vehicles, that will be insane. Parking problems which occurs due to random parking of vehicles in city or village or town. Then here comes an idea of “Intelligent Traffic Management”.

Technology Used

The whole Intelligent Traffic Management will be depending on digital systems. We will be requiring a mobile application (Android development, Xcode (IOS)), QR code generator, and a distant scanner. For each and every vehicles two unique QR code will be generated, one for distant scanner and other for the nearest scanner that is Mobile device. Now, how does it work? Every new vehicles when passed from their respective RTO, they will be provided with their unique QR code of two mentioned sizes, that code consist information about the owner depending on privacy setting that will be applied according to the scanner.


1. Solve issues related to random parking

Brief: Suppose a person had parked his vehicle in no parking zone, which will create huge traffic on road. So how intelligent traffic management will help? Any regular person with an intelligent traffic management app will scan the QR code of that car and select the option for parking problem. The system will automatically put a message on particular vehicle owner registered number. Even if after messaging, the vehicle is not moved then a call will be made to owner with a recorded message.

2. Solves issue related to speed or breaking traffic rules

Brief: Suppose a vehicle is driving above speed limit, our scanner will scan distant QR code, and if found that the car is over-speed, a message will be send to the nearest RTO officer informing about the car number, color, etc. and they will fine him accordingly.

PROS and CONS of Intelligent Traffic Management


1) Technology is never corrupt.

2) Reduces man power.

3) Solves the problem of buying car with someone else name using black money.

4) Make a record for owner and help income tax department to manage black money problem.


1) It will create some problem for person who already owned a car, but solution do exists for that.

Solution: Every car owner will be provided time limit till then they have to visit their nearest RTO office and collect their particular QR code. After that if car found without code that will be notified and equivalent fine may be charged.


Intelligent Traffic Manager will surely change the way we look the world and drastically improve traffic problem in the country. With little more effort, we can change the world digitally in Digital India scheme. This will help government to fight against fraud people and develop the country.

1) Wikipedia link:
2) QR code link:

By Patel Yash Chamanlal (GKC 2016)

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