GPS enabled currency Notes (NGC). Truth or pure Fiction?!

Even though it may sound funny, America is counting votes while India is counting notes. Our Bold PM has taken yet another commendable step in his regime by eradicating Rs500 and Rs1000 notes on a very short notice. This is a knockout punch on the face of people storing heaps of black money in their homes. This will not only turn huge sum of black money into ash but also force people to disclose their income.  Now the point is, people can still continue to do the same with the new currency and not disclose it. Here’s the catch, the new currency notes are equipped with high end Nano GPS chips (NGC) which can be tracked easily even if they are dug 120m into land!

NGC Currency Notes reflect a Signal!

org-nano-hornetAccording to the buzz, these NGC notes reflect a signal which can be traced by satellites and we all know what satellites can depict – yes Location. The idea being a hefty or large no. of notes accumulated will transmit a stronger signal helping the authorities to track the location of these notes and then take appropriate action and seizing them. In a nutshell, making it harder to hide black money.

Now this still seems like something coming from a sci-fi movie but the idea cannot be ignored completely. With news of rapid growth in nano technology everywhere and some astonishing developments in the recent past, it might actually be possible. A company OrginalGPS Nano Spider has developed a tiny GPS receiver that can track anything it is deployed to.

Tracable NGC Notes? Still got to wait and watch.

This is going to give a major boost to alternatives like PayTM, Freecharge at least for the initial days because those Rs. 100 notes might get hard to get hands on and people trying to save most of them. Even though the idea of NGC notes sounds fascinating, we still can’t verify this development. We shall wait like everybody to come to conclusions, until we get our hands on that brand new pink colored Rs. 2000 note for our own testing. The cost of making these notes must also be taken into consideration as manufacturing such high tech currency won’t come cheap!

But, it may be possible as well! So think again before burying your black money into land like Pablo Escobar! Because it might get tracked before it gets rotten.

Image Courtesy: OriginGPS, Nano Spider

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Dr. Vandana Sharma
Dr. Vandana Sharma
2 years 3 days ago

Nano chips or something else. The idea looks very innovative. Thanks Tamanna for initiatiating discussion.

Aruna Rani
Aruna Rani
2 years 6 days ago

A few Nano GPS Enabled notes must be launched for testing purpose.

Dr harish
Dr harish
2 years 7 days ago

Nano GPS enable chip in 2000 Note is not looks to be feasible at this stage of technology. Some of the major issue such as power, signal strength, getting GPS signal insight roof or some solid basement is not possible. But yes magnetic strip for scanning the object is possible.

2 years 7 days ago

Valid Point Sir! Thanks

2 years 7 days ago

To me technically possible, but real implementation and handling of notes with Nano chip will be a tough one. Thanks Tammana for sharing information on this.

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