GPS Based ID Card System for School Students

pic_con_a_0056822_intIn today’s fast growing world with new technologies coming across almost every day, ensuring safety and security has been one of the major concerns. Especially when it comes to children, parents are way more concerned and worried to ensure that their child is 100 percent safe when he leaves his home and steps out. With technology advancements I would like to highlight a new step being taken for ensuring the safety of children in Schools and outside. A GPS based ID card system.

GPS based Id Cards for students

A GPS based Id card is a step taken to enhance the child safety in schools and outside. While many people stating that this step puts an end to the personal space of a child as he can be tracked everywhere and anywhere through his Id card this definitely is a major boost for tracking and ensuring children security.

Lets first have a look what GPS based Id card system is all about??

A GPS based Id card is a Real time location tracking system when the child is on the way to school. It allows attendance in school bus itself with RFID reader in the school bus. Also the parents will get the notification when the child get on/off the school bus. Parents can see the school bus location and they can also get the alert when the school bus is about 10-15 minutes close to their house, so that they can come to pick up their children. The whole system will also detect which child is still in the school bus, that can prevent any accident.

A GPS based Id Card also includes a polygon safety zone(Geo-fence) for protecting the child from going out of the school or house area.

Implementation of GPS based Id Cards.

In recent times Silver Hills Public School, Kozhikode, Kerala has been one of the foremost institution in India to adapt this technology. They have recently  introduced an ID card for its students that combines radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS technologies. The technology will help school authorities and parents to keep track of the school bus, its speed while simultaneously tracking the real time position of students. When students board or alight, their ID cards will be read by the RFID card readers installed on the school bus door. Alerts are sent to the school’s GPS server that automatically sends an update to parents as SMS.

Some of the advanced features to this technology.

As of now we have seen institutions implementing GPS based  Id cards but that’s not all, there are organizations which are trying to come up with much more than just real time location tracking. Few of the upcoming proposals include:

  1. Installation of the BLE tag in the class room, when the students get into the classroom, the GPS Id card will turn off the GPS and GSM automatically, so that the teacher won’t need to worry about the GPS card will ring and the parents won’t need to worry about the radiation.
  2. The GPS ID card with one SOS button for emergency and 3 family number for calling parents or teacher.
  3. GPS Id card with a slot to insert the RFID card from school or for bus.
  4. Id card supporting the 2.4GHz long distance RFID reader for school attendance.


As of now I would like to conclude this article by mentioning that even though some people disagree with this technology, it indeed is a major step taken in order to ensure the safety of our children and with proposals lining up for further advancements this can go a long way.


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Rahul S
Rahul S
1 year 11 months ago

Bro give me IEEE papers for this project

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