GIS/GPS Technologies Making Lives Better

Science has done a remarkable job in making our lives easy and better in every way. We are thankful for various inventions happened in the past and our science people are working for more.

Geo-spatial data is helping various sectors to do better.   Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to receive data from various satellites which are revolving around the earth.  Information received from them helps people to determine the location.  Geographical Information System (GIS) is a tool for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on the surface of Earth.

From Defense to Agriculture the GIS/GPS and Remote Sensing technologies are playing an important role. Various sectors are getting benefits and increasing their efficiency using the Data provided by this technology. Let us discuss it one by

In Urban Planning & Management: For map makers, planners and designers the geospatial data give an edge to develop a project in the best way. GIS technology is used in developing maps, layering and handling geospatial data, linking maps to other images, 3D modeling etc.


wildlifeIn Wildlife Management:  this technology has made the wildlife management an easy task. Now it is used in
Mapping wildlife corridors, Real-time tracking of animals, population
mapping and also in Habitat suitability Mapping. Conservation of wildlife resources is very important for future generations and to track the developments in wildlife this technology is very helpful.


In Natural Hazard Analysis:  Natural hazards are unpredictable events which can happen anywhere. Hilly regions are more prone to landslides, cloudbursts etc.  It depends on various factors like slope, type of soil, geology, activities, type of land use of the area etc. These types of hazards are affects the growth of the country as there is a loss of both Life and money. With the help of remote sensing data, we can check the vulnerable areas and then go for development activities.

In Crowd Management:   India loves mass gatherings. Whether it’s an election rally or a Dussehra function or a peace protest a huge crowd is required to make it successful. But to prevent any mishappening crowd management is done. A right preparation can be possible using this technology. Use of UAV’s, preparation of evacuation plan etc. can be easily done.



In Agriculture: Remote Sensing & GIS technique has a great role to play in the agriculture sector. It is helpful to do
the right estimation and hence helpful to both the government and the farmers in planning and execution of various agricultural policies. It is helpful in Crop Yield estimations, Identifying Crop damage areas, Presence/absence of crops etc.

mobileIn Mobile Apps: Smartphone apps maker uses this technology to entertain you, guide you in new locations, finding your lost device, Health issues using this technology. There are various apps available for different gadgets and health devices which monitor your daily travel time and give you right suggestions to save your time and money. In all these applications GPS data is used.


In Defense Sector:   Surveillance and tracking the activities are now very easy. Use of Drones or UAV’s is helping the different defense units to serve the Nation in a better way.  The remote sensing technology is great to track the illegal activities without any loss of human life.

This list doesn’t end here. There are many sectors which are using this technology to serve their consumers. With regular developments, this technology has a lot more to do.

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