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GIS have different types of web services but out of these web services some web services are widely used across the world. These services are WMS (Web Map Service), WFS (Web Feature Services) and WCS (Web Coverage Service), WPS (Web Processing Service) and WMTS (Web Map Tile Service).These Service are called OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard services. We can create these services with the help of GIS software. There are some free and open source software available in the market such as Intergraph GeoMedia, Apollo Server, MapInfo, Micro Station, ArcGIS Desktop, Arc GIS Server and QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System) software.

Web Map Service:

We use the Web Map Service for creating the geographic map, sharing the geographic map, and rendering the geographic map on the web. If you are using WMS service then you will not be able to do other transactions like querying on the map, updating the map, and deleting the map, from the web.

So for doing these transactions we use Web Feature Service. These are the basic features provided by WFS service.

Web Coverage Service:

If you want to publish your data (like satellite imagery) on the web then you need to use the Web Coverage Service. Through this service you can publish your map on the web.

When you are going to publish the map on the web then you need to remember – if the map format is PNG/JPEG then it will slow down your system speed when you are rendering the map on the web so in this case to improve your system speed you should always be use the map in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or GeoTIFF (Geographic Tagged Image File Format) file format. This format will speed up your rendering map on the web.

Web Processing Service:

The Web Processing Service is used for processing the user request. User request can be either in the form of JSON (Java Script Object Notation) or XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. So based on the request user will get the response in the form of point, Line, and polygon.

Web Map Tile Services:

The Web Map Tile Service is used to serve the map by using predefined image tiles. The tiles containing the cartographic data. These tiles might be descriptive or a link of actual image. The main advantage of WMTS is that it provides the raster imagery data at multiple resolutions in predefined imagery tiles. The WMTS  is very similar to WMS but it has the better server performance capabilities.


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2 years 11 months ago

Very good consolidation of Web Services which are commonly being used by GIS professional. WPS has created its own space due to it ability of processing the complex processes at client side. Its very much useful incase of processing of raster based complex analysis like change detection.

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