GIS Tools for Environment

Geographic Information System or GIS has become an undividable and important technology for environmental science. The rising level of air pollution, traffic, global warming, cutting of trees etc. has left a great impact on our environment and it is changing every day. To save our environment and earth, GIS tools and technology in combination with the revolutionary IoT or Internet of Things has become very essential.

In IoT, there are sensors installed at every necessary place and the sensor data goes into the GIS analytics systems. With the help of data and the geospatial analysis of GIS systems can predict the environmental changes, disasters, help detect pollution level etc. Thus, measurable action can be taken to prevent and mitigate those causes and save the environment.

Here are some of the tools which can help-

  1. Arc Hydro for Flood and water quality management:

This tool is built by ESRI and top of ArcGIS platform. Arc Hydro works with geospatial data models, tools and workflows. It uses the datasets to analyze water level to prevent flood of any surface area. It also creates hydrologic and hydraulic models using scientific data. This can solve the water quality problems using the water quality data.

  1. GeoITAnalytics for Air Quality Monitoring:

The Air Quality Index system of GeoITAnalytics is used to monitor the air quality of any location to control the air pollution which is the main reason for many serious diseases. Air Quality Index indicates the live data of P.M 2.5 and other quality parameters such as PM10, So2, and No2 etc. Air pollution administrators can easily retrieve information like air pollutants density, trends of increments of air pollutants in a particular location etc., to understand the current air pollution situation. Also, the data can be used to analyze and measurement to set the actions for controlling air pollutants of that area. Using this data, measurable action can be taken for controlling the pollutants in the air.

  1. Fire Science Behave Plus for Fire growth Simulation:

The Behave Plus modeling System is an application that involves modelling of natural fire behavior and effects. Using geospatial location and data, this tool analyses the natural fire behavior of the vegetation of any specific location, collects mathematical data for environ based fuel and moisture conditions. It simulates the spotting distance, rate of fire spread, tree mortality and many other effects and behavior or natural fire.

  1. GIS Integro:

GIS Integro is a multipurpose tool to analyze different type of environmental issues like mineral forecasting, groundwater deposit monitoring and analysis using spatial geomodeling and spatial data.

There are many other tools and possible GIS applications for environment. IoT and GIS works hand in hand to monitor, prevent and resolve environmental issues. Using analytic systems and tools and big data it can possible to save the environment. Want to know more? You can use our tools or consult with us for the same.

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