The Future of Location Analytics in terms of its Applications?

As we know with what rapid pace technology and location analytics techniques and GIS community and services have grown and flourished, but we must also not forget with the rapid pace the technology changes. So, in other words what we are using now maybe obsolete tomorrow be it the services of our beloved google inc, google maps in particular or a less over whelming bing maps etc (Lets not even dare to blurt Apple Maps! Its doomed we all know that). We all know what happened to standalone gps devices (which we had in cars), thanks to services like google maps and the technology storm brought by smartphones and apps.Earlier, these devices and services had an edge over google maps etc. because of offline access and location tracking facilities but in the second half of 2015 that aspect was also taken care of by google with the option of saving offline areas.

Satellite Imagery, traffic details, best route et al. A worthy mention being Google’s latest sat images courtesy NASA LANDSAT Satellite. (You’ll be flabbergasted by the amount of detailing). Read more here.

So the point is, all this is great (we love google maps) but what next? What’s other applications of location analytics and with what other business aspects and fields can we integrate the beloved maps with?

Business Intelligence integrated with GIS can do amazing things in terms of analysis and strategizing. It’s an all new market in itself and is taking up but still nothing concrete is there in the hands and even if there are options, corporates and governments are still a bit skeptical to use those services. Maybe because of the technology jargons being too hefty for them to consume or maybe because they are quite comfortable in the current shell.

So, location analysis must come out of the closet and hit the markets such as for example services like OLX, Quicker, cars24, freelancer and various other startups.

What if we integrate it with various travel sites and groups (motorcycle groups) for just finding out people sharing the same interests and where they actually are?

Media analysis and news is also one domain that can be largely affected in a positive way if they integrate location analytics, maybe they have but I’m not sure, example; how cool it would be if you witness an accident or mishap and you can capture a live feed and upload on a portal and one can actually see or at least have an idea what is happening around them.


So, these are my thoughts as a newbie who’s just entered this industry of location analytics and GIS maybe the experts can shed some more light on this and purpose new ideas and domains we can hit.
But the question is WHAT NEXT we can do?

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2 years 10 months ago

No doubt that Location Analytics is going to be the next thing. As per a latest market research report on location analytics, its market is going to reach the size of $20.2 Billion by 2022. This clearly means that Location Analytics’ market is highly opportunistic. Check this out –

Sachin Agrawal
3 years 3 months ago

Nice Thoughts, Pushpak!

It will be interesting to note the development happening in the field of “Internet of Things”, and next wave of location analytics will be based on ‘information flood’ getting generated from sensors.

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