Earth Observatory Satellites Consolidation

During the Workstation days of Unix in 1990’s the Big companies did not feel the threat of the DOS and continued to ignore them. Time came and the windows platform overtook the high end graphcs segment and Giant companies such as Silicon Graphics didnt quite realise what was the market game changer?

Era of Small Earth Observatory Satellite Players?

A few years back the Earth Observatory Satellite Imagery market started seeing the emergence of the small satellites. At first they were ignored and it came to prominence with the sale of skybox to google. It was still a surprise to many including me on why would Google make such a move? Finally Planet has got something right similiar to the Windows of those days to provide a platform for Imagery Accessibility, Currency, Repetivity and now with Terra Bella for Resolution and Accuracy.

The recent merger announcement of DigitalGlobe, the leading player of the earth observatory satellite imagery market marks the thought process for many in this industry. Is the era of small satellite going to now dominate the market segment and drive the applications that consumes these high resolution images? We have new emerging players and governments which own ground stations and satellites that helps them all have a better planet to monitor and drive the usage of remote sensing with enough content to analyze and visualize on a daily basis.

The thoughts and views are of the owner of this post and has no bearing on the industry and is shared openly for debate from like minded enthusiasts.


Mr. Abhay Swarup Mittal

Founder & CEO – SkyMap Global

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