Data Processing of DRONE Data


In my previous post I talked about Drone technology, gaining momentum and paving way for integration with GIS capabilities. This is in continuation with that but talks about the challenges i.e. Processing of Drone Data and what the current scenario is.

Due to its effective cost and low maintenance it’s gaining the attention  especially in GIS world as mentioned before. But in terms of accuracy is it so easy and simple, I don’t think so…

Let us discuss and put light to the algorithm briefly:-

1) The values which are estimated from image topography of the UAV are matched with the points which are estimated by any powerful software by examining the image in order to use in Bundle block adjustment technique (3D reconstruction algorithm) to get the accurate position and orientation of the camera.

2) Restoring the point which is lost during matching are tie-up and their 3D coordinates are calculated in order to create Triangular Irregular Network for obtaining DEM.

3) This DEM is used to calculate geo-referenced ortho-mosaic image which is used to measure the true distance or we can say accurate one.

There are many COTS software which is used for UAV data processing such as Trimble Inpho, pix4dmapper or DAT/EM. Drone Data Management System (DDMS) is open source software for DRONE data processing.

Conclusion :

At the end we can conclude that in micro-level, the accuracy of data is not only depends on the resolution images which are collected from UAV but also on position of  sensor on board and its alignment. I think we are going to enter into new era technology world where we have faced some obstacles. But definitely we find some solution for not benefits the market but also for every common man. Please share your views and comments on this to enrich and help other readers.

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