In busiest capital of India “Delhi” there is no GIS based central portal which can assist contractors in taking the requisite permission before digging/cutting the road. As growing city, one of the major requirement of Delhi is the Road Opening.  Many contractors perform the digging on the road because of various reasons.

For example:
  1. Airtel for lying up of the new cables.
  2. BSES
  3. Jal boards etc.

Sometimes it is seen that contractor perform the road opening and after finishing their job they do not repair the roads as it was exiting previously. Therefore there should be a GIS system which manages the Road Openings for a big city like Delhi.

Road Opening process work flow should go through the series of steps :

  1. The Contractor should request for the road opening on a GIS portal. The request contains the following informations
    • Contractor Name.
    • Reason for Road Opening.
    • Location of Road Opening.
    • Start date.
    • End date.
  2. This request should be approved by the approval agency within the Govt. of Delhi.
  3. Once the request is approved the contractor can start the job.
  4. The contractor should finish his task before the end date given in the initial request.
  5. After finishing of the task the contractor will request for the inspection.
  6. If the Govt. official found it satisfactory. The request will be closed.

Apart of that – This portal will contain the BI dashboard which will provide the dash board of the data to the top officials.

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Dr L P Sharma
3 years 1 month ago

Yes this is the basic requirement for a city like Delhi

3 years 1 month ago

This would be a very usable solution if implemented. But depends on the data the companies and govt is willing to share. It would be even more useful if the user can update into the portal when it sees some roadwork in progress.

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