Data Analysis and visualization using Hadoop

Objective: An affordable open source solution for data analysis and visualization in banks.

Motivation: Banks spends huge amount on data analysis and predictions which play a major role in development of banking sector. As it cannot be performed on the traditional software, banks tends to opt for Hadoop setup in their personal environment which consumes huge amount of cost for its maintenance or approaches a third party and pays them to performs analysis. As data analysis is a periodic task, investing such huge amounts is not necessary. To overcome this problem, banks can use our application, as it runs on  highly configured servers, banks need not have the entire setup to be installed. Instead a regular system can be used to perform complete analysis which saves lots of cost for them.

Working of application:

Input: Data to be visualized.

Output: analysis result along with visualization.

  • This application requires datasets/data attributes as input to be uploaded by clients
  • Based on the dataset, possible number of queries are generated.
  • All the generated queries along with user queries are analyzed.
  • All the analyzed results are displayed to the client using graphic visualization.


  • Saves cost of implementing the entire Hadoop environment setup at bank.
  • It helps banks to perform a complete in-depth data analysis from a simple webpage.
  • It, by default generates analysis reports for maximum number of possible queries that can be generated from dataset.
  • It also allows clients to post their own queries if they have any.

It also suggests banks for further improvements based on the analysis results.

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