Cloud Computing and GIS – Together For Good

Cloud computing is opening a number of opportunities in the information technology world for the organizations and individuals. GIS (Geographic Information System) technology can’t be left untamed from the age of Cloud due to its high potential and multiple benefits.

When utilized together, Cloud Computing and GIS opens up many possibilities for the world and all for good. Do you know why these are better together? Why should you understand the collective usage of these two? Let us tell. But first, understand them separately.

What is Cloud Computing?

It allows the use of software, hardware, and architectural resources online, without any need of direct physical access. This internet-based computing works on resource sharing mechanism. Leveraging to the potential of Internet, it helps in removing the location and storage capacity constraints, obstructing the computing operations.

What is GIS (Geographic Information System)?

The system which is designed for performing multiple operations to process the spatial or geographical data, captured through the integrated GPS (Global Positioning System). It stores, control, examine, manage, and show this data, making it human-understandable.

In simple words, GIS lets you access and operate the data collected through the GPS System.

Why implement them together?

The geospatial data, when processed on the cloud, can lead to more efficient outcomes. It will help in the achievement of multiple aspects. Some are as under –

Helps in Achieving Business Intelligence

BI or Business Intelligence refers to the smarter implementation of resources in the Business operations. Location analytics, when carried out from GIS data, will help understand the customer statistics faster and easily.

Easy to Deploy

The implementation of complex modules on the local server, their installation and configuration are tougher than the implementation on the cloud. It reduces the repetition of all the tasks and also the consumption of resources.

Higher Robustness and Better Performance

Cloud services are robust than the local servers which are more prone to the damages and data loss. The better performance will also be achieved due to lesser load on the local machine and less occupied disks.

Increased Availability & Lower Cost

Cloud computing allows the access to the resources, regardless of the location of users. The only condition is – uninterrupted access to the Internet. It also reduces the cost of hardware resources resulting in comparatively low investment when considered in long-term.

There is a number of commercial, architectural, farming, archaeology and wildlife study applications are waiting for the proper implementation of Cloud Computing and GIS together to touch the new level of advancements. Undoubtedly, it’s the future!


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