What Should be the City Vision for making Smart City?

Just wondering, what should be the city vision which will form the basis of “ The Smart City  ”. Basis Tel Aviv city of Israel some of the points which has been highlighted here:

1.  A City for All its Residents:

City should be appealing to live in for residents of all ages, characterized by quality education, equal opportunities, pluralism and communal solidarity.

Key points:

  • An appealing city to live in.
  • A city for a lifetime.
  • Quality and egalitarian education.
  • Equal opportunities and bridging social gaps.
  • Strengthening the sense of community.
  • Fostering pluralism.

2. Resident-Oriented Government

Resident-oriented municipal government – that is increasingly efficient and collaborative, with a high degree of autonomy in managing its internal municipal affairs, yet collaborates with nearby local authorities in matters that cross municipal boundaries.

Key points

  • A client-focused municipality
  • Resident engagement
  • An autonomous city
  • Metropolitan collaboration

3. An Appealing Urban Environment

Developing an appealing urban environment – a city that is open to renewal, but at the same time preserves its architectural-design heritage; that strikes a balance between and integrates the built fabric and open spaces; that maintains a prudent mix of land uses; that acts to reduce environmental hazards and promotes an efficient, sustainable and multi-means transit system.

Key points:

  • A balance between the preservation of existing fabrics and hi-rise construction
  • A prudent mix of uses
  • A highly developed public domain
  • Return to the city street
  • A city wide-open to the sea
  • An efficient, multi-means and sustainable transit system
  • Improved environmental quality

4. A Financial and Cultural Center

While developing a City towards better financial & cultural gain, care should be taken to allocate the city resources to improve the quality of life.

Key points:

  • A cultural capital that caters to everyone
  • A hub of higher learning

A smart city strategy which uses technology in the service of people – is, in short, smart citymaking. Keeping in mind that the people who live, work in and use our city are our greatest assets, Tel Aviv has formulated a smart city strategy which puts residents and their needs at the center – both in the technologies it has developed, such as the DigiTel Residents Card, as well as in its open data initiatives. The strategy, which is based on transparency, accessibility and active citizen engagement, is in accordance with good citymaking practice. The practice of citymaking involves people and communities making their mark on their neighborhoods and cities and helping to create sustainable, inclusive places for all residents.

Ref: https://tel-aviv.gov.il

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