Big Data & GIS – Empowering Connected World with Hexagon Geospatial’s Efficient Technology

Geospatial data being the digital representation of physical objects on the basis of the geographical positions, ie plotting/mapping anything and almost everything that has a relevant physical presence, one can only imagine the  huge amount of data that needs to be effectively managed.

Effectively managing this massive amount of spatial data (i.e. big data) becomes essential otherwise it defies the whole purpose of bringing out dynamic analysis through the dimention of location.

Geospatial Big Data Management

The storage and processing costs of geospatial data have dived in the recent years but there is still a need to strategically organize the collected data for efficient use and management. Keeping all the acquired critical spatial data in an organized fashion vastly enhances its further usability across enterprises.

 Geospatial Technology in the era of Big Data – Some Challenges

Like any other technology stack, there are some challenges that the industry faces when using geospatial technology in sync with big data. To address a few,

  • Spatial Online Analytical Processing (SOLAP)– to define and support spatial data cubes interoperability.
  • Synchronising big data with location dimention can be a challenge as one of its cons is the spike in complexity of the data.

Solutions Geospatial Big Data can provide

How can geospatial dimension when merged with big data help? is the first question which comes in mind while thinking about the current scenario. So, here are some exapmles, explaining the effectiveness and potential of Geospatial Big Data –

  • Apart from driving business growth and giving a new dimension to analytical decision-making, Geospatial Data Solutions can reduce the pressure on IT infrastructure by 95%.

Some Use-case Examples

  • Creating quick action plans for emergency situations like evacuating disaster-struck areas.
  • Oil and gas exploration, more predictive weather analysis, historical mining of data and prediction, just to name a few.
  • There is huge amount of data already collected in the said fields. Giving this data the spatial dimention can open many doors for further exploration and analysis.

Hexagon Geospatial offers solutions for effective management of geospatial data with ERDAS Apollo under its Power Porfolio Provider Suite. It greatly helps in easily compressing, storing, managing and delivering massive volume of geospatial data.

Geospatial technology is worth much more its current value and managing Geospatial Big Data efficiently is the only way to unleash its untamed potential. That’s what Hexagon Geospatial is trying to do.

Let us know what your views are, by commenting below. For more updates stay tuned to GeoITHub.

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