Artificial Intelligence: Mimicking Human Behavior With Saffron Technology

SAFFRON Technology

Artificial Intelligence is a trending topic of long discussions and debate for our tech savvy brethren, but what exactly it is and how well informed are we? Colloquially, artificial intelligence is exhibited by machines when it mimics ‘cognitive functions’ such as we humans use to ‘associate with other human minds’, for ‘learning’ and for ‘problem solving’. The latest advancement in this sector is the Intel’s SAFFRON Technology which boasts its cognitive computing abilities powered through core performance of new age super processors and their patented Neural Intelligence Platform which is claimed to mimic our natural ability to learn, remember and reason in real time.

What is Neural Intelligence Platform?

Imagine a situation where an incredibly complex and multidimensional data is to be reviewed and each one of these set will provide with information that is to be understood and requires decision making ability to take necessary actions, now what if the situation is as critical as saving a life or a security threat concerning hundreds and thousands of lives neither the liberty of time nor its humanely possible to assess this much data error free. Neural Intelligence Platform handles the above situation in real time with possible options and unmatched accuracy.

Possible Applications

1. Healthcare Sector and assisted living.
2. Defense and National Security.
3. Manufacturing and Financial Services.


1) Unmatched speed and accuracy for addressing critical issues.
2) Wide spread monitoring for quick response especially in cases of medical emergencies.


1) More trials are needed to be done for a fail-safe design.
2) Strict Protocols for preventing any misuse or error.


This technology signals towards a new dawn of technology which is not only making our lives easier but also takes decision with as much complexity as of a human brain. Imagine the possibilities and reach of medical services even to remotest part of the country where someone’s life can be saved.

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