Artificial Intelligence and The Human World

Artificial Intelligence: The Concept

We live in an era that is way more advanced and developed than what our predecessors would have ever imagined. With humanoid robots doing school homework and mechanical arms performing delicate medical surgeries, there is little left to our imagination what advancements the future holds. With our generation debating on whether “the dress” is blue and black or white and gold and discussing whether the United States’ presidential elections will affect the world at large or not, there is another world of intelligence that is fast emerging as a revolutionary turncoat for mankind.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future View

Artificial Intelligence is known by people of all age and sex groups. In fact we unknowingly make use of it in all spheres of life. “Siri call my mother” or “siri when is my next appointment“ are usual phrases that we might hear on in everyday life or use ourselves. From siri to cortana, our daily lives are incomplete without a little of their intelligence providing us with help. Artificial Intelligence or ‘AI’ as we call it is turning out to an inspiration for more and more Sci-Fi films and documentaries. In a post-apocalyptic world, this Intelligence is expected to bring about the much awaited ‘revolutions’ in the lives of future homo sapiens. Artificial Intelligence is actually a race in itself which is much advanced than the race which we quite proudly call ourselves a part of.

Artificial Intelligence: The Mishap

There is a theory that says that snippets of codes are aligned in an appropriate way to give instructions to an intelligence –operated mechanism, but sometimes these codes may realign themselves to form entirely new coding and result in the formation of the overly advances AI, which is beyond human control and thus unlocks a new world of possibilities, both good and bad. And this is the exact reason why it is termed to be highly unpredictable and dangerous. A worthy example of this theory is the “LAWS”. IT IS an advanced form of weaponry called the lethal autonomous weapon system. It is programmed to deploy destructive weapons specifically to curb matters of distress, the main point of danger being that it does not need human consent to deploy. Thus there is always a chance of it overriding commands. But on the other hand it is not at all lethal.


Movies like ‘iron man’ and ‘I robot’ have given an edge to Artificial Intelligence. Jarvis and Friday, with their ability to do the impossible have inspired man to experiment and turn fiction into reality. This has been successfully done by Mark Zuckerberg. He has impersonated Jarvis in real time which works with just a simple operating app on his smartphone. Many such possibilities are coming up and technology isn’t just limited to the imaginary capabilities of man.

AI is glorified in movies and in video games because of the spectacle it creates which is certainly attention-grabbing. People get riled up about Artificial Intelligence without knowing the full extent of its powers. we have all heard about the famous saying “every coin has two sides “Artificial Intelligence is the very entity of the coin and it is in our hands to decide how we flip it so that it lands on the correct side.


By Anushka Sachan,

Class 10D, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata

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