AI and Machine Learning: Trends and Future Innovation

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are probably the most excitement-raising words in the technological world at present. Reshaping the world, these technologies have completely changed the way computers were programmed and worked.

Self-driving cars, well-communicating robots, automatic medical treatments, and an AI which write its own code (Microsoft’s DeepCoder) – nothing seems like an impossible task for future. Wondering how far it may go?

Here are some future innovations and trends with are going to hit the market in near future –

  1. Every organisation will deploy Machine Learning!

Algorithmic intelligence will not be a laboratory thing anymore. Every company will be able to operate as a data company, own their intelligence applications and deploy AI to work for them. The scenario is as overwhelming as it seems.

Using the concepts/services or developing the own, whichever way it is – machine learning will play an important role in organizations. Excessive data, enormous computing power and evolving ML platforms, everything indicates towards the increase importance of ML (Machine Learning). It is because this technology delivers excellent customer experience and better automation.

  1. Cloud and Intelligence

Machine intelligence can present the plethora of statistics and insights to help improve the organizations and enterprises. On the other hand, the Cloud will let them scale to any amount of data (which directly affects a company’s efficiency).

So, there are chances for better middle-ware services, data management, custom data analytics, and micro-intelligence applications for everyone using these technologies together.

  1. Chat Bots and Automation

Using chat bots for handling customers and automating critical processes is a sure-thing, going to happen soon. The innovators have already created a track for the same. Some early-stage bots are available commercially. As the natural language processing and word embedding get better, it will increase the capacity on machines to learn.

It means you can soon expect talking machines, co-existing with other creatures and humans.

  1. Image Processing

Have you checked the Google ReCaptcha? Don’t you think that we are providing them a great amount of data to train the bots for image processing? (I am fed up of telling “I am not a Robot.”)

Image processing is complex for machines, if not for humans. And, as the algorithms get better, the efficiency of machines to recognize images will be improved. It will change everything.

There are many other expected future innovations, which may originate from the unsupervised and reinforcement learning concepts. OpenAI is going to be a leading player in AI and ML markets of future.

What do you expect from the technology to do? How wonderful may it be?

Drop comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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