Academia and GIS join hands! GIS Academia Council of India

Academia and GIS Join Hands: The Need

The collaboration between GIS Industry and academic bodies has always been a little grey area where initiatives from both the ends are required. A technological employer, whose business largely depends on the demand and niche of the technology, greatly depends on the interest and intellect of young students’ enthusiasm. Corporate giants are getting aware of this fact and are largely participating in various training sessions, lectures, conferences where people of academics be it students, teachers, etc. are given high priority.

In the last few years, GIS software has moved from being a niche technology into a mainstream platform for Business Intelligence and Spatial Analytics. GIS has also advanced as a strategic business critical platform in government projects. Its growth as a research and instructional platform in higher education is unparalleled. In today’s information-based society most of the universities and colleges have GIS included in their curriculum.

An Initiative by Esri India!

Esri India, has initiated towards this aspect and formed a council named, GIS Academia Council of India (GACI), aimed at bridging the gap between Academia and the Industry. Here people who share the enthusiasm on GIS technology with leaders of the industry can have insights and increase their knowledge base on the niche domain. As Esri India says “The council will be a platform for GIS knowledge sharing aimed at encouraging GIS adoption and promoting teaching excellence in spatial data management and analysis in higher education across India.”

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