Self Service Location Intelligence

In one of the articles written by Sachin , he briefly explains the usage of GIS and BI together here. I would like to get into the details of GIS and BI integration and an upcoming concept called Self Service Location Intelligence.

What is Location Intelligence ?

According to Gartner, 80% of business data has a location component. Location gives insights like  “where” the business transactions happened and “where” to increase the profits. Using Location data to understand the businesses and get insights for decision making is called location intelligence.

With  the help of location data , organisations can visualize the data in the form of a map unlike the traditional ways of charts and bars graphs.

What is Self Service Location Intelligence and how it differs from Self Service Business Intelligence?

Self Service Location Intelligence tools provides an intuitive interface to the end user to upload the spatial data sets, perform analytics and generate map based geo reports. It should act as a bridge between silos of data.

Self Service Location Intelligence has been derived from the very old concept of Self Service Business Intelligence with a very new dimension. Organizations are using self service BI tools like SAP Business Objects , Qlik View , Tableau , Power BI , SpagoBI and Information Builders to create real time dashboards and reports. Self Service BI allows the decision makers to run queries on their own data sets and create analytics without coding . It saves a lot of time and money in  data driven  organizations. There is no requirement for large IT Teams to manage the enterprise wide applications to provide data analytics.

While there is demand for LI tools like Galigeo and SpagoBI, Self Service LI has huge scope in near future.

There are very few products out there in the market which caters the needs of organizations in this domain. An efficient self service Location Intelligence tool can create an impact in the Location Analytics market , if it addresses the core needs of the decision makers.

Please provide your valuable comments and views on the requirement of a self service location intelligence tool.

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Ayush Khanna
Ayush Khanna
3 years 15 days ago

Sir, as I gone through your article, I have a question that “Self Service Location Intelligence Tool” is restrict bounded with only analytical companies who all are using IT or further IT products and services basis companies also have scope/use of it?

3 years 15 days ago

Analytics is required and practiced in all the sectors. Though LI is practiced in most of the sectors like healthcare, defense, infrastructure, it is just a matter of time location intelligence will be practiced in every sector.

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