Put Your Story on The Map – ESRI Story Maps

Everyone is aware how maps give a meaning to data by giving it an aspect of location and changing how that data is now interpreted by the user. From navigation being the most common application of maps, there is much more to them, which is what we share on OUR hub.

Mapping Everyone’s Story

Like everybody has a story that needs to be told to the world to make it a better & a positive place, maps can help too. Yes, ESRI Story Maps lets you do just that. Story Maps are fused with simplicity and the power to engage, inspire and motive people to tell their story with Maps.

An Interactive and Visual Experience

You can enrich your map with firstly your story, any media like: video, images, text, audio & photos, with a map, creating a whole new deep user experience which is not only informative but binds the reader to it.

Have a look what Miss. Rashmi Gupta, Group Head at Esri India has to say about Story Maps and her experience with school students using the same.

“I hated geography as a student and was particularly scared of maps. The five marks question in the geography question paper which asked students to plot 5 points on a paper map was the most difficult part for me. I would randomly put some points and would end up getting 1 mark and if luck favored me 2 marks at the most. Eventually I stopped studying maps, thinking if I can’t remember, better not to waste time on it.

When I came across Story maps (after joining Esri India) and the benefits it has; particularly for the school students and teachers, I so much wanted to let school students know about it, probably because of the map phobia I had during my school days.

Story Maps are a simple and a powerful way to tell your stories that involves maps, geography or location. They are simple web apps that combine interactive maps with other rich content—text, photos, video & audio and best of all do not require any development or coding knowledge.

Story Maps are being widely used across the globe by varied people including school students but in India there is hardly any awareness in the schools. So with some rounds of brainstorming with my manager and colleagues of how we can take story maps to schools in India, we ended up creating a story map workshop for schools.

We go to schools, teach students the concept of story maps, give them hands on training and woo! The students are ready to create their own story maps. It’s amazing to see the excitement and learning speed of the students.

storymap_studentsStudents find story maps an interesting way to understand and learn difficult topics. Students not only find the story maps medium an easy way to learn but also feel that learning stays with them forever. Many of them are now using story maps in their project works.

Here is what an educator have to say:

“The Story Map tool which was introduced by Esri India to our students has provided them with the freedom to use information both chronological as well as spatial to make projects in a very creative manner. Some of the students came up with very creative and innovative projects. This tool is a blessing for social science teachers who can use it effectively for explaining difficult topics which have a spatial distribution e.g. agriculture in India, World Wars, Tribes etc. We at Scottish High International School Gurgaon plan to use it for students’ project work and presentations which are crucial for their assessments. “

Anjali Saxena, Sr. Geography Teacher, Scottish High International School.

And from my side, I love maps now 🙂

P.S. Have a look at the Esri India Story map gallery http://www.esriindia.com/esri-news/map

More, to follow on Story Maps in further posts. Till then have a look at Esri India Story Map Gallery Here.


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