India Needs More UAVs

With the recent successful developments in the Indian Technology and Defence sector, we are now capable of serving the nation in a better way. Rustom II is the latest edition manufactured by the state-run Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) who is also developing AURA (autonomous unmanned research aircraft for Indian Air Force and Indian Navy). These additions are making our forces technologically advance so that there should be no harm to Nation’s security.

Unmanned Air vehicles or UAVs are not new to the world but India is a Developing country and hence we are highly dependent on the Technologically Advanced Nations. U.S and Israel are the biggest exporters of UAVs to India. Hence to promote its “MAKE IN INDIA” program the Indian government is trying to serve these requirements.

UAVs or commonly known as “Drones” are not only required for serving in defence areas as they are equally useful in different areas too. Indian railways, Survey of India, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Police departments , PSU’s like GAIL etc. has started using drones to serve in a better way. DRDO’s quadcopter named NETRA has been in use with CRPF and many state-level police forces too. Media reports state that BSF has also deployed drones for surveillance purpose.

Indian Government is trying to influence Indian Manufacturers for joining this new market of air surveillance. Ministry of Defence recently floated a notification inviting a response from indigenous manufacturers for the procurement of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs for use by three defence services. 

In South Asia, India wants to be ready and well equipped to tackle any threat to its sovereignty i.e. there is a constant effort by the government to develop this technology. Indian government requires more than 5,000 drones only in defence sector in upcoming 10 years. But the Defence Budget allotted annually is not enough to fulfil the huge procurement.

Why there is a huge demand? 

Local governments and other institutions are buying drones from the foreign markets. Korea, France, Israel, U.S.A are some biggest manufacturers and suppliers of this technology. The demand for quadcopters has been high among the state police forces that are deploying drones during festive seasons as well as during incidents of mob violence. We require more of these for Intelligence gathering, Maritime Surveillance, Anti- Terror Operations, Border Patrolling, Flood Management, Search and Rescue Operations, Geographical mapping and also Agricultural Surveying.

There are some big players present in the Indian market like Tata Advance Systems, DRDO, Edall Systems, Dynamic Technologies etc. who are constantly working for improvements in this newly emerging sector. We are looking for more advancement in our pre-existing technology to fulfill the requirement.

What DGCA is doing?
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) drafted a new paper which showed us a hope of Drone use among civilians for their private usage. But still, the things are not very clear as the final regulations are not out yet. This market has a huge potential and it should be available for the civilians too. The wise usage of technology is always helpful for Human survival.

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