Gujarat Gas improves decision-making with Esri’s web-GIS system

GIS (Geospatial information system) is benefiting many industries and companies by providing the better insights gg_esri-case2to handle the business operations. Do you know how Gujarat Gas Limited’s Decision making system is strengthened
by the incorporation of ESRI’s web-GIS system? If not, let’s start from the very beginning. Talking about GGL, their circumstances, solutions and finally implementation, we will thoroughly take you through their scenario.

What Gujarat Gas Limited Do?

Gujarat Gas Limited, or GGL, is a well-known Natural Gas providing company with approx ten Lakh customers using their CNG and PNG services. With 14 geographical areas to cover, the company has a wide gas pipeline network to serve these natural gas users.

gg_esri-case3Where GIS could be implemented in GGL?

Field operations, maintenance, asset management and customer services of GGL are challenging due to manual assessment and servicing approach. Implementation of GIS, therefore, could help the company through its interactive map interface and real-time application.

ESRI proposed the concept of web-based ArcGIS application for GGL for its multiple business operations like network planning, maintenance, observations, expanding and streamlining of field operations.

Need of GIS in GGL

Real-time decision-making system with better and dynamic gas distribution planning facilities was on the top of GGL’s list. The company wanted to deploy advanced digital solutions for many of its operations. Some of major needs of GGL were –

  • Improving Gas Distribution services
  • Instant decision-making system for faster gas distribution
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Emergency resource planning for gas leaks
  • Customer Evacuation plan and safety considerations
  • Customer data and profile management
  • Incident management, repairing, customer demographics

What ESRI did to Improve GGL’s Decision Making?

With the web-based ArcGIS, Esri India planned to use enterprise level GIS system for fulfilling all the needs of Gujarat Gas. From asset management to Gas distribution management at multiple locations, all the tasks can be well-managed through GIS. Also, the decision-making approach for risk management, emergency resource planning and incident management were implemented for GGL through the GIS application.

The major functionalities of the application, employed at GGL by Esri are –

  • Creating interactive reports through geospatial queries
  • In improvising the workflows
  • Efficient data sharing capabilities
  • Centralized database and proper data management
  • It equipped Decision makers to process network-enabled and non-GIS data
  • Better asset management
  • Accurate decision-making and problem-solving

It helps GGL in many ways. Map-based insights and excellent practices have lead to many benefits including – prompt and mobile emergency services, quick recognition of incident areas and affected people, pipeline maintenance and route tracking, effective site surveys and easy-to-understand daily reports.

GIS technology is valuable for every industry, which needs location-based interactive data manipulation. Tell us through commenting that which other industry implemented GIS in your acknowledgement or where it can find its use in future? How do you think of Esri’s ArcGIS?

Contents: Provided by ESRI India.

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