GIS Education Initiative by Bentley Systems

Geographic Information System or GIS is the most important and essential technology on modern era. The GIS tools work with geospatial information which gives the data a powerful visual dimension.

The contribution of GIS and geospatial systems has become essential in different areas, especially in Education sector. A spatial analysis of the current situation in order to resolve specific issues and plan for improvements are the key factors that made GIS tools an inseparable part of education.

What Bentley Systems did to provide solution for GIS?

Bentley Systems is a premier solution provider for Geographic Information Systems and they have products and services to serve almost all the sectors like Design, Construction, Civil, electrical and Instrumentation, Enterprise Interoperability, Asset Management, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Mining, Plant Design, Project Delivery and so on.

They have created many brands for their geospatial products and offers a wider range of products for photogrammetry, GPS, imaging, data conversion, mapping, architecture, engineering, cartography and other Micro Station products.

Bentley Systems contribution towards Educational Facilities:

In order to provide solutions for the educational sector, Bentley Systems has created services like

  • Campus Information Management

Campus information Management combine drawings, models and maps to create common data platform for the educational campuses. Administrators can edit, manipulate and visualize data and generate comprehensive facility reports using geospatial data as well as infrastructure modelling data.

The facilities like transportation, use of land, building locations, and the impact on the environment can be managed through the location based geospatial information. With the upp to date information of the assets, planning for improvements and manage day to operations have become lot easier.

  • Multi Discipline Building Design and Solution

From the specification of modelling and design of a multi discipline building for educational campus, real time capture of the site and building conditions using cloud and digital photography, to create and manage design data for the buildings, Multi Discipline Building Design and Solution offers it all.

Bentley Systems helps the educators and the students of GIS sector by providing them access to their student server and Academic SELECT Software Portfolio. This software includes several applications that helps the students learn the tits and bits of the GIS trade and help them become professionals of this sector.bntly

GIS systems like the services and products from Bentley Systems, use and integrate geospatial data, geo referential coordinates, like longitude and latitude and the non-spatial information to produce maps so that it can be easily used and manipulated by people who are not too much aware of technicality of the GIS systems internals. Thus, the infrastructure administrators and constructors can use the systems and data to provide the campus, educators and the students with better facility and management throughout.

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