Geospatial Footprint in Election

The election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. Elections occurs in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. This process is also used in many other private and business organizations.

Issues that influences election:

  • Lack of finance – Election is an expensive affair in every democratic country. Money power plays destructive role affecting election procedures. It leads corruption and contributes mainly to the generation of black money economy which rules at present our country.
  • Caste differences – In India the political party is not divided according to caste but the voters demarcate while voting. So study of the population of the voters is important.
  • Locational factors – Most of the voters prefer to vote near their residence or workplace. Getting accurate information about the nearest polling booth is beneficial for the voters.
  • Absence of transparency – The government system is not transparent. All the information’s related to elections are dispersed. It is the main reason behind improper planning of the campaign.

Geospatial technology has a wide range of applications in the whole election lifecycle:

  • Demographic Mapping – It can support in identifying the types of people, their gender and age group living in a particular state. States are different from each other.electionmap
  • Location analytics – It can help in knowing the each individual voters about their nearest polling station. Divide the voters according to their residential locations. This will reduce congestion during elections.
  • Real time tracking – GPS and GNSS can track the voters exact position. This supports in understanding the number of voters still left for voting.
  • Change Detection Analysis – It can help in understanding the positive and negative environmental factors affect the people of that area. Transportation facilities, shortest routes and road conditions are the essential facilities related to voters.
  • GIS Web Portal and dashboard – These techniques enable the decision makers, different controlling department to have compact information about the location and its people. It leads to situational awareness on the election day.
  • Drones – For monitoring the election procedure in a particular location or areas.
  • Prediction analysis of the campaign can be done based on the data collected last year for election managerial purposes like population data.

Image Courtesy – QGIS Election Mapping in Valier 2010

Image link –

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