GIS An Integral Part of Our Daily Lives

Geographical information system (GIS) is the integral part of our day to day activity. We feel that in developing database it has great significance. It provides flexibility to locate the data from where it was collected. We can precisely find the place from where data or information was received.

It has a wide range of applicability starting from teaching to high-tech research like space and ocean sector. GIS can create a beautiful maps with detailed information like hot spot zone of the crime in the city or accident prone zone or drainage in the city or location of the major hospital in the city or real-time mapping of water quality and so on. But still, we are not using a proven technology for finding a solution to our day to day problems.

Locate, Analyse and Rectify Problematic Areas

We need to work more precisely to locate and address the issues at various levels. GIS technology can be used to address many problems through a public awareness program.

Using satellite and Geo-Spatial mapping technology we can locate the discharge channels, create the hot spot of dirty zones and promote local youths by paying them monetary benefits to clean the areas. Doing this will reduce the health risk and help in developing the smart cities.

There are many such examples in our daily where we can use GIS technology for developing a better society.

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Dr. Vandana Sharma
Dr. Vandana Sharma
2 years 7 months ago

Indeed GIS is upcoming technology and likely to be a part of lifestyle. Thanks for the excellant composition.

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