GeoNetwork: Revolution In Geospatial World

Introduction of GeoNetwork:

GeoNetwork is new face of era to share or manage geo-referenced information over internet. By definition, we can describe as it is an open source web based catalog application for searching and editing not only spatial data but also non-geographic datasets.

Now there are some highlighting points for GeoNetwork are:

  • It provides effective searching on the basis of keywords, scale etc.
  • It uses OpenLayer 3 to access the services i.e. WMS, WMTS.
  • Also it provides metadata in multilingual for viewing and editing and its schema is used for validation and generation error reports.
  • It uses catalog service – web (CSW) which is the part of OGC catalog service. The various organizations can exchange their records/data by using these services over the Internet.
  • It uses Z39.50 protocol for remotely accessing the data.
  • It yields their metadata by various sources e. OGC services, ArcSDE etc.

Integration with Geoserver :

cloud-computing-626252_1920As we know till now, GeoNetwork uses CSW service to serve metadata which are links to WMS/WFS/WCS services and these services in turn provided by the Geoserver to server data as a services. So we have to create synchronization between both of them.

  • First of all add XLink resolver to support the GeoNetwork by using sandbox versions (GeoCat etc).
  • Use WxS getcapabilities GeoNetwork harvester which provide getcapability response to create a service of metadata for layer in WxS.
  • Meta data and getcapability xml trade by using xslt. So, harvester can make sync on regular intervals.


Coupling between Geoserver and GeoNetwork is not as tight but the end result will be fine. It is still is in developing phase, so anyone has better technique for integration, please share it and helps open source users/community.


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2 years 8 months ago

Thank you for this blog post. Can you please provide some elaboration to do this?

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