Crowd Management – Challenges and Technology

Crowd congestion is a common sight, in a country of a billion in population. When the crowd is gathered in a large volume at a place, stampedes may occur. So the crowd must be managed. Generally the technique adopted for managing the problem of crowd control is pretty conventional and old, i.e.  gate control or channel control. Temporary channels are created at the spot to control the crowd. Controlling the crowd by trained security personnel and volunteers is again a very common thing.

Soft Crowd Management

New technique “Soft Crowd Management” must can be adopted at big events like pilgrimages at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. It is assured that people will be gathered from the diverse corners of the country at a small place, therefore, all the identified channels must be soft controlled.

Application Software can be vitally used for crowd management. It is the combination of RS/GIS and computer application development.

The Importance and Need for Crowd Management

1. Mass gathering raises the odds of a dangerous occurrence happening.

2. Individuals mostly take it for granted that others have the responsibility to check their surroundings.

3. Big crowds or gatherings of people make changes in action slower and more complicated.

4. Big crowds or gatherings of people make communications slower and more complicated. And most importantly, big crowds of people raise the possible number of victims at a moment of mishappening.

Basic Crowd Management Planning

To prepare for the unexpected, a management committee should consider five basic plans such as:

  1. Evacuation point planning.
  2. Communication/announcement plans.
  3. Law enforcement/public official engagement plans.
  4. Mitigation plans.
  5. Preservation of evidence plans.

In Evacuation Point Planning after identification of the suspected location for crowd congestion a fly bridge can be constructed. The fly bridge can be highly equipped with mitigation force and equipment.

Normally, evacuation plans and drills are aimed to cover all conceivable situations and to guide the crew in coping with ominous situations in an organized manner. Plans, while it is very important, but not as a rule take into consideration the tendency for real emergencies to develop beyond what was expected. Nor can we plan for what we are unable to imagine.

Plans and drills have limitations.

A good evacuation system is always supported by alternative route planning and the crowd control points. The locations marked in round are those locations from where the mob can be diverted to another route in case of over-crowd. These are also the channels for the better management of crowd. Simultaneously by online monitoring of the crowd this is possible to give the alerts to the people on the software. These alerts can be announced by task force of communication/announcement plans.

As the event goes for many days so the tent facility location map is also identified for planning and user’s point of view.

Except this various facilities have been given from the user point of view and the admin point of view.

From the Admin Point of View: Admin has the power to update the information of Alerts, Images, User Registration and latest updates etc.
From the user point of view: User can find the various information from the application like emergency helpline numbers, geographical maps of the area, inquiry center, Govt. offices,  locations of ashrams, parking sites, Information police stations, fire, divers, schools, medical facilities etc.

Risk Analysis and Emergency Response Plan In a large crew gathering internal and external both type of risks get involved. In the case of internal risk, any kind of rumor play its role. And in case of external risk, international or national level’s risk planning such as intruders or militant activity may be the cause. To avoid such things pass planning/registration system may be the effective planning.

For the emergency response the mitigation unit and the rescue plan will play the great role. Here the online monitoring system will play great role to reach at particular location in short time period.

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Aruna its great consolidation of information, can you also elaborate on what kind of technologies available to mage the crowd effectively. I am sure that will be one of the interesting information for the users.

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