Test GIS Applications with Selenium

In  today’s ever growing technology we have seen developments way above the imagination of a person living in early human era. GIS based applications is one such technology which has taken the technical market by a storm. But once the application is complete is that all which we had to do or we still have something else to be complete? Yes we do and that is ensuring and testing the functionality of  the application. Open source Web testing automation tool – Selenium gives you the functionality to test your GIS Application.


Within the software industry, once a product reaches the stable manual testing phase, every organization usually thinks of automated testing to save on the costs involved in manual testing. Since testing cost is an important factor for any project, organizations have started preferring open source test automation tools (which have reached a stage where they now rival the commercial ones) instead of investing in costly commercial testing tools. With no licensing costs, open source automation testing tools provide competitive features for automating the testing of software applications as well as Web portals.

Why Selenium?

It is probably the best option for automated testing today. It is becoming increasingly popular and it is the first choice of automation testers as well as organizations for automating the testing of Web-based applications for both the GUI as well as the functionality.

Selenium Test Package

It is a package of various test components which consists of the following three major tools. Each one has a specific role in aiding the development of test automation for a Web application.

  • Selenium IDE – A Firefox extension to record test cases and suites.
  • Selenium RC – Used to run tests on different browsers and systems.
  • Selenium Grid – Runs multiple instances of Selenium RC at once.
  • Qualitia and Tellurium – A wrapper for the engine.

Selenium Modes:

Bases on the components it has following three modes for executing the test cases and test suites:

  • Record-Playback mode (Selenium IDE)‏:

In this mode only Selenium IDE is used to record the test scenarios in terms of test cases in Firefox. This is a great way to start writing tests and group them together to form the test suite. The recorded tests can be exported to many programming languages so that we can tweak them and put them in the testing framework. The test cases and test suites can be replayed back to check the verification’s and validations or sent to Selenium RC or Grid for further tweaking.

  • Selenium Remote Control (RC) Mode:

In this mode it starts multiple browsers at a time and then runs the recorded test-cases. This helps to enhance the test cases with looping and programming techniques to cover all the required test scenarios and checks.

  • Test Runner Mode:

In this mode the test cases are recorded ad replayed in the form of HTML tables. This is just one more facility to execute the Selenium IDE as well as RC test cases. This helps to check the test results reports in better manner if not formatted already.


In this article I have tried to explain Selenium and what all it includes. I have been using this tool myself and found great. In case you face any issue while using it, then please feel free to post your queries.




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gr888 informative article Amit…

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